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Bail Bonds

A bail bond is essentially a nonrefundable deposit paid to a bail bondsmen in order to release someone from jail. The individual seeking the bail bond will then be responsible for making payments to the bail bondsmen on the remainder of the bail money. For bail bonds near you, look no further than A-Sottile Bail Bonds! We are a leading provider of bail bonds in Sebring, FL and its surrounding communities. We strive to consistently provide fast and friendly service to each and every one of our clients.

Bail Bondsmen

Bail bondsmen can help save someone on their worst day. Our bail bondsmen in Sebring are available to readily accept a fraction of the amount of bail due to ensure your loved one gets back to you as soon as possible. Call on A-Sottile Bail Bonds for reliable and professional bail bondsmen in Sebring, FL. Our bail bondsmen are committed to serving their clients quickly and with great personalized care. We will work diligently to make this difficult process as smooth as possible!

24 Hour Bail

When a friend or family member is incarcerated, it’s never an easy process. The first step you can take to having them released is by contacting us for our 24-hour bail. These services will provide temporary release of an accused person awaiting trial upon payment. The selection of bonds we offer will successfully secure the release of your friend or loved one, no matter the time of day. You can depend on us to provide guidance and affordable rates when selecting a bond in order to make bail. We are located in the city of Sebring for all of your bail services!

Jail Bondsman

Our jail bondsmen are expertly trained and more than capable of assisting you through this tough situation. You can depend on each of our bondsman to provide you with professional advice and assistance. We know that each case is unique and work hard to cater towards your individual needs for bail. Here at A-Sottile Bail Bonds Inc, we don’t stop until we are sure that you are completely satisfied with your service. Our jail bondsman are dedicated to your bond case, where you can find our bail services fast and professional. We respond quickly, so give us a call when you need bail!

Surety Bonds

A surety bond is a legally binding agreement where one party assumes responsibility for the bail of another party, which is then owed to a third party. It’s essentially a contract between three parties; the bail bondsmen, the person in jail, and the person requesting the bond on their behalf. A surety bond at A-Sottile Bail Bonds is a great option for those looking to pay a small percentage of the total bail due, and make payments on the remainder. Our bail bondsmen in Sebring offer convenient and secure surety bonds that you can count on!