guide ring zx-龙8国际

qingdao zhixiang phenolic cloth clamping guide ring is widely used in hydraulic cylinder. the hydraulic cylinder support ring produced by our company has reached or exceeded the quality level of similar products abroad.
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detailed description

【zx-80 high-strength fabric-reinforced phenolic resin】

material description

this material grade is zx-80, with high temperature resistant polymer fiber as reinforcing material, high temperature resistant modified phenol formaldehyde resin as base material, and adding self-lubricant mos2, high strength composite material synthesized by advanced technology under certain temperature and pressure.


product feature

compared with other phenolic products (cotton fiber, polyester fiber, etc.) , it has more excellent compressive properties and high tensile properties. high wear resistance and high load, flame retardant, high temperature stability and so on. can adapt to all kinds of working conditions require complex working environment. (especially suitable for the oil cylinder of medium and large excavators)


typical applications

construction machinery hydraulic cylinder guide ring, support ring,wear ring

mining, coal machinery equipment support ring

ship, marine machinery parts

water and wind power equipment parts

heavy hydraulic props