products used in construction machinery swing bridge support bushings and washer-thrust.
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detailed description


【material description】

the material is composed of thermosetting resin and polymer fiber material.

【product feature】


1. 100% composite material for bearing, without glass fiber.
2. no hard material such as calcium carbonate, no damage to the dual surface.
3. good self lubrication, water or oil-free lubrication.
4. low friction coefficient and good wear resistance.
5. good corrosion resistance, very low water absorption.
6. high bearing capacity, high impact resistance and good shock resistance.

typical applications
construction machinery, agricultural machinery
heavy logistics transportation machinery
bearings for hydroelectric power plants, pumps, etc
petrochemical industry, railway equipment, etc

【typical applications in rail transit】

center pivot sleeve
side frame bushing
oscillating axle bushing
friction damper sleeve
hook guide wear plate